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Tunyo&Lana: wedding

Last saturday a couple of my friends Tunyo and Lana got married. I already wrote a post about preparing for this wedding. Well, the weather turned out the way I didn’t wanted. But everything else was running smooth. And you know what they say; bad weather on the wedding day brings luck. And I wish them all the luck in the world. And after all it’s batter having a “sunny” marriage and a “rainy” wedding day then the other way around.

As I said, the weather was awful, it was pouring rain. So we really had to cut short the “romantic” or better said posed part of the shots. I wrote down 15-20 ideas on a piece of paper, but I could only take a few. We took a few photos under the castle’s arches, a couple on the hallway (the ambient sucked) and we ran outside to take a few shots. Below you can see one of the shots that I took outside. Please view the ENLARGED photos (click on them) for better viewing experience (better quality as well).

We got a bit wet. I’m glad I had 1Ds mkII that can handle all weather situations.

After that we moved to the hotel. We started with some cocktails, then took a lot of group shots. The food that was served at the dinner was delicious and the games between the meals interesting. I really enjoyed taking shots of all the events that occurred, it’s a really if you shoot people that you know. And that are cool, are willing to pose and get into some stupid shit as well. Take a look at the photos and you’ll know what I mean. There were quite a few rappers among us, I’ll name them next to the photos they’re on.

I forgot to mention that the ambient and setting was nice, romantic etc.

Let’s get to the people shots:


Tunyo’s crew

First dance

Another rapper, Flamie on the right

The shot above was taken during a very interesting and fun game. Men had to protect their girlfriends which had a balloon tied to their ankle, from other men’s women which were trying to punch the balloon with their high heels

Did I mentioned the food was great? He couldn’t get enough of it 😀

Even I ended up on a few shots. Just before that we were freestylin’, the one on the left is a real freestyler and rapper – Palijo. The rest of us were just improvising. I’m not sure who’s the author of this photo, I think it’s the girl on the right on the photo below


Karaoke 😀

Things I’ve learned at yesterday’s wedding

I shot a wedding yesterday, that took place at Kendov Dvorec in Spodnja Idrija. The schedule was tight, by far the tightest I’ve ever had. I arrived at Kendov Dvorec 40 minutes earlier, to check the place out, to find a few nice spots to shoot. And I was limited to indoor spaces, since it was way too cold to shoot outside. To my great disappointment the place had only a couple of places, a room and a corridor, which were barely suitable for shooting romantic shots (after the ceremony). Why barely suitable? Because there were no large windows so that I could shoot without the use of a flash unit, the place was barely lit (I guess that adds to the mood) besides that the spaces were really small, so I had to shoot with the standard zoom lens, 85 mm was way too long. That means great depth of field etc, I had to shoot really differently, since my style of photography (natural light, min dof etc) was totally out of the question in there. The bride had to get dressed before the ceremony, so I couldn’t shoot romantic photos before the ceremony. The ceremony with all the congratulations, group shooting and rice throwing, ended at approximately 12.45 and we had to get to the church at 13.00. In the mean time I snapped (yeah snapped, no time for realxing the models, for working out the poses, face expressions etc) 5 different shots indoors and a few shots outside. I had around 6-7 minutes to do the complete romantic series. The Shot style, if you ask me (but at least they get to shoot pro models). After that, shooting the church ceremony went pretty smoothly, since there was plenty of time. We returned back to Kendov Dvorec, for the “lunch” which officially started at the moment we arrived (14.00). There was time to make a few more outdoor shots, but anyway, I couldn’t do more outside shots (even if I had the time) of the bride, she’d freeze at -7C.

On my way home I thought I blew it. That I didn’t make enough good shots (although bride&groom really wanted just a few romantic shots). Besides that, I wasn’t really sure that the “rice throwing” shots came out good, since I had quite a lot of flash problems (I really miss Nikon’s flash systems for weddings). Is it possible for the TTL to act somewhat differently, less accurate if you use a different lens (I used Sigma 18-50 2.8, which worked fine with my 430 ex on a couple of previous occasions)? Anyway, seeing the photos on my computer monitor was a relief, all in all, they came out pretty good.

I didn’t ask the newlyweds for permission to post photos, so I’m just going to post this one. This time the “spot” window light came in handy, otherwise it was just “burning” the snow-white bride’s dress and messing up the light metering.


Oh yeah, I forgot to write down what I’ve learned yesterday, or better said, I got my assumptions that when one’s pressed with time and works in really hard environment (tight spaces, bad lighting, freezing temperatures outside…) it’s really even worse than what you expect. Pressure is building up, when you see most or none of the things you planned aren’t going according to plan. I did good with some shots, messed up some, but when I look at the selected photos, I’m satisfied with the results (regarding the circumstances). But enough of the excuses (which of course are not really excuses, I just wanted to share my experiences with you), all that the clients are always really interested in, is the end result.

7.7.07 wedding

I’ve already posted most of this shots a couple of days after the wedding. Since this post was just partially imported and because I’ve added a few shots, I’ve decided to put it all in one new post. The wedding took place on a nice, warm and sunny day, which was also the day that everybody wanted to get married. Yeah 7.7.07, people really love so many sevens at once.

My mean man Fločo was the hair guy. I guess ya all should know the best hairdresser in town by now (retarded session or by this photo which is one of many on this blog). Please view LARGER (at least those that interest you, thumbs are a bit soft):


When her hair was done, the make up artist started doing her thang



The end result:







Min DOF on weddings too? 4 sure, I’m no sellout 😛 .




Which one do you prefer: colour or BW?