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Fuck anorexia!

I only shoot with models that (can) eat burek. Photo taken during the break on this shoot

Welcome to the “barbershop”

The retard act, as usually


Haidresser working on a hairdresser

There goes his ear

He can look normal as well. If he tries really hard though 😉


I’ve been there around 10 days ago. It’s way better than Portorož. Not as fake. Expensive. More authentic. It’s a city after all, not just a soul-less holiday resort. Prices aren’t set like in Portorož as well, where you get a feeling of being robbed in broad daylight. I’m mean Portorož isn’t Venice after all, there are absolutely no sights and points of interest. And you don’t have to make that extra 30 km or so.

I’ve made exactly 5 shots. Here are 3 of them:

They take making coffee seriously. An extra cup with steamed milk and some froth on top of it sure is a nice touch. That way you can make an ordinary macchiato or a small cappuccino.

They just have some problems with spelling it. In a bilingual community 😀 . For me that was just an added value on top of having an awesome macchiato.

Sun was finally shining, after all that cloudiness and fog, it really cheered most of the people up. It really was a positive day 🙂

The only good thing about snowing

Is a view like this one

Everday life

Hanging out with people who have the same IQ as Gorge W Bush. And Forrest Gump for that matter…

Laughing a lot and having a good time. Spread love, not hate;)

BIG indeed 😮 😀

I can’t write this one in english: še ovca ma rada pr jedi mir:) (interna fora, leti na horoskopsko znamenje)

Just a walk through my city

Pls view LARGER!

That’s gotta be love, eating Kebab on the main square



Annoyed old lady, I interrupted her during her coffee time


My cat

Yes, my cat 😀

Without a worry in the world. I’m really trying to emulate his attitude 🙂

He’s using my photo gear to chillax on a daily basis

He’s never warm enough during the winter

Stowaway. Could you spot him? For once his black fur works as a camouflage (and during the night it also does an excellent job)

Just fooling around with Oly E-PL1

And I also wrote a review that was published on All shots were taken with 17 2.8.

Oly EP-2 ART filters

Top shit!

Grainy BW:

Pin Hole:

Pin Hole and added contrast:

You’re going to be able to read all bout the camera in the full review, that’s going to be posted on slo-foto next week.


Model: Lucifix

Gear: a300, Dt 11-18 (11mm, f4.5, 1/40, ISO 400)