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I made this diptich to ask people on FB which one they preferred. I’m not gonna even bother doing this over here, since I’m getting zero feedback lately.

Pin up

Hair&MU: Tina Modlic
Asistant: Anja
Model&clothes: Eva

50s Coca Cola

Koga sakaš da se osvežiš, ti zemaj ovo najdobroto, sekoj znae, Coca Cola e toa!

Hair&MU: Tina Modlic
Asistant: Anja
Model&clothes: Eva


Preview of today’s shoot

We had a blast! I just wish sun didn’t shine through the clouds just briefly on a few rare occasions, I really missed it in this shot.

Hair&MU: Tina Modlic

Model: Eva



That’s how I roll!

Foto: Mitja Bezenšek

Action slap


I really can’t write this post in english. So here you go:

Ona je zgodna mlada
svi je žele pokarat
ona je pravo dobra
al’ je skupo održavat–m0AI

View LARGER! 😉


When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!

Ted Grant

So from now on this blog is going to be almost exclusively in monochrome;). These shots were taken in Pilus hair salon, you’ve already seen photos from the owner.

The owner again, sticking his ugly face in the frame 😛

And the last, just to break everything this post stands for 😀 . In my defence, it was postprocessed for selling on Shutterstock.

Fločo doing his thang;)

Make up: Sandra Pranjić

Katarina Benček

Here she is, IMO the hottest blonde in Slovenia. We went for seasonal portraits and stock stuff (which is not published here).