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I had a couple of photos published on the Ona cover within last month that I forgot to post

Benček on the Cover

I completely forgot to post it here :s

New cover

And a photo from my archive on it. It’s been a while…

P.S. My scanner still sucks. It looks like sepia is an integrated filter now (the cover is B&W).

New cover girl


And a new cover 😀 . 

Tjaša Cvetkov on the cover of ONA

So here it is, you probably still remember the post from a couple of weeks ago, when I asked you to choose between the two photos that I’ve posted. Again the one that all of you liked better, wasn’t printed on the cover. But this time it was my favourite that was chosen. And from what I’ve seen on Tjaša’s myspace and when I asked girls for opinion, most of them liked this one (which was published) better. So I think the choice was right at the end 🙂 . It’s the girls/women that matter when it comes to published photos on the (women’s magazine) cover.

But for me, it’s always you who matter the most. My dear readers, photographers. So please keep on commenting my photos on those rare occasions that I’m posting them lately.

That’s for sure by far the worst scan I’ve ever posted. Of course none of them were good, but this one is dappled, because on the back side of the cover there was an advertisement with more colors than the united colors of Benetton. So I really think you should take the magazine in your hands to see it as it should be seen (it’s virtually in every pub so you can grab it when you go there for a coffe or a beer, if you don’t have Delo or Slovenske novice at home).

EDIT: I can’t let you go on looking at that horrible scan. Here’s what it looks like in reality (ok no titles…):

If someone can make me a better scan, he/she is the greatest and I’ll buy him/her a drink on the first occasion that we’ll meet. I had a source at Delo that always sent me a scan, but now she doesn’t work there anymore…

ONA cover – finally!

Oh my god, I almost forgot about ONA covers, after waiting for so long to be published. So now that it’s finally here I’m almost as overjoyed as the first time that my photo was published on the cover 😀 . The scan still sucks and to make things even worse, I’ve messed up her nose, trying to “iron” the paper wrinkle that was there. I’ll swap it as soon as I get my hands on a wrinkle-free copy. I thought that this photo (added space on the left to fit the cover, since I didn’t want to crop it), would look better on the cover (in my opinion it’s more of a cover material, she looks her best on this one and it’s a bit more positive), but at the end it was, as always with all the newspapers, the editor’s choice. From a photographical point of view, I like it (the one on the cover) better, so it just might be a better promotion for me (although it’s not a photograph made for the masses).

EDIT 21:34: new scan

Brina on the ONA cover

Here’s the usual crappy scan scan of today’s ONA cover. If I had more photos on magazine covers I’d definitely buy a decent scanner, but it looks like this “all in one” one will have to do for a while…


Link do celotnega sessiona .

My first Ona Cover by Nikon

Ona cover

My photo was published on the cover of today’s Ona cover. The cover is not in the best condition, since it went through so many hands on today’s set. And my scanner still sucks (colours are off etc). Anyway here it is, the gorgeous brunette on the cover is Tanja, click and click again to see complete sessions.