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Taking photos with 85L@f2.8…

But it’s really one of the few. ISO 800, taken on the session that I forgot to set ISO to 100-200 😀 (a while ago if you still remember).


Damn, this lens would really come in handy for sunday’s fashion session. At least there’s a chance I’ll get the 1Ds mkII. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂 . Because everything else has been arranged; I’ve found a perfect place for the session, I’ve got a great model, an assistant, make up artist and a few (I hope) interesting ideas. I’ve talked about everything regarding the session with Jessica (model) yesterday, from styling, to ideas and make up. I just hope for lots of sunshine on sunday…

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About this shot. I can’t make up my mind. One of those, that I can’t put my finger on: is it good or bad…

What do you think? Please be honest, hypocrisy won’t get me anywhere.


I went through the 85L train session aka Hip hop honey session again and found another interesting photo. I posted it also in a couple of web galleries and people seem to like it.

I hope you like it too (best viewed larger):

Why do I like this snapshot?

Dunno, I just do…I hope your monitors are correctly calibrated.


A few more 85L snapshots

I don’t know why, but I like those photos in a strange way – as snapshots ofcourse. The first and main reason why I’m posting is, because I figured out you don’t respond well to solely textual posts. I can understand why, after all this is a photo blog. So let’s get down to it.

Yeah, that’s me muthafuckaz (foto: Nikolaj Lukež). ISO 800+ 2 stops in rawshooter. Yeah baby, it’s a Canon (check the post before this one, LOL):

Min dof+bokeh showoff

Visual interpretation of DOF

DOF as in depth of field. To me the most important aspect of the technical part of photography. Even more important than bokeh and sharpness. That’s why I love primes. And that’s why I’ll use primes ’till I die. Zooms are just necessary evil, I avoid using them whenever possible.

Visual interpretation of DOF taken with 350D and 85L II at f1.4 (enlarge it!):

A nice bokeh quote

Taken from dpreview forums, I couldn’t agree more:

Give me a world with no edges,
A happy space knowing nothing about outlines.
Grant me, please, the round joy
Of thoughtlessly floating on the blurred
Background of my photographs.

If someone doesn’t get the picture, here’s what I mean:

My 85 1.2L review published

Complete review is available here .

I don’t wanna return this kit tomorrow!

Kit=Canon 1Ds mkII+85 1.2L II.

Photo: Andrej Jerše

Hip hop honey

Canon 1Ds mkII+85 1.2L II. Fresh, straight out of the camera (through rawshooter of course).