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Don’t fuck with me!


True love

That was one of my first big cat sessions and one of the most emotive so far. I’ve caught them in the act on other occassions, but that was pure passion, with neck bites and roaring. But this was a very tender and brief cuttle. I saw it coming (ok I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t want to pull out my hair later for missing it) and I almost missed it, since it only lasted a second or two and I was using 350D and 75-300 USM in a very low light situation. So you probably know how dreadfully slow focusing with that combo is, especially when you’re close to 1 EV 😀 (it was really ISO 1600+).


Are you a risk taker?

Do you do risky, sometimes stupid things in your life? Or when you’re taking photos?

Here’s one that would qualify. Taking portraits of the most unpredictable and dangerous big cat in Ljubljana ZOO with a 18 mm lens. She’s the only one that I was afraid to cuttle (another risky thing to do, but I can’t show you that). Image is ofcourse uncropped (most of you already know that because of visible wide angle distortion):

Greetings from Siberia

I’m having a great time, a bit chilly though. But I guess that’s better then living through a month lasting heat wave;).

Min DOFed big cats

I dug these in my archive. All of the photo below were taken over a year ago. Since I bought Canon EF 85 1.8 I started taking practically all the photos with it. Even big cats portraits. Most people are taking photos of these majestic predators with super tele lenses. I had a different approach. I connected with this cats in a similar way that I do with my models. Ok, don’t take this too seriously, you can’t verbally communicate with animals. But one can establish a different kind of connection with them. And as a result you can get photos that are a bit different.

Yeah, that was the time that my Canon EF 75-300 USM became obsolete.

Can you see the alertness in his eyes? Yeah we were close, eye to eye.

Another up close and personal. The king himself…

Min Dof leopard

And even closer. He’s totally phlegmatic

This one is not min DOF. But it’s still taken with 85 1.8. Ain’t she a thang of beauty? She’s is definitely Miss Ljubljana ZOO.

And remember: every subject can be min DOFed!:P

The best of 2005

2005 was the year I started taking photography as a serious hobby. In may 2005 I bought my first DSLR, Canon 350D (which I still use). Before that I used two compact cameras for around 9 months, before I finally realized compact cameras are limiting me. In 2005 I was a frequent visitor of the ZOO, I was there at least 15 times. On the other hand I had just a few portrait sessions (5-6). I attended a portrait/fine art nude workshop in the summer and a fashion workshop in the fall. At the first workshop, the most important thing that I learned is the interaction with the model (I observed the more experienced photographers). The second was more of a shooting, then a workshop, but it was a great experience working with many beautiful models. I chose the best portrait of 2005 and the best big cat photo.

Ghetto style

Far faraway is Africa

Big cats

Besides model photography, I also take photos of big cats from time to time. The last time I was at the ZOO was in march 2006. The following photos were all taken during the end of last winter. All the photos were taken with Canon 350D and Canon EF 85 1.8 (except of the tiger in the rain, which was taken with Canon EF 75-300 USM).

I’ll start with the King:

What you can see in the photo above, is the predator’s look. I lurred him right up to the fence, about a meter away, so that I could frame him just right with the 85 mm lens and also to get this predator look on his face (which he doesn’t have if you’re not within his reach)

A min dof lion portrait

Brush with freedom

Damn rain

Min dof portrait of a phlegmatic leopard

Just a min dof portrait

Miss ZOO Ljubljana

Whatcha lookin’ at?!?