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Sigma 10-20 f3.5 extra shots

Some of you may have read the Sigma 10-20 f3.5 review that I wrote and was published on . What you couldn’t have seen is these extra photos that I’ve made with it a few weeks before I went to Barcelona to test it (not really to test it, this sounds more than just a bit weird, but I did also test it while exploring this exciting city). So here’s some eye pleasing shots that I’m posting for those few readers that still follow my blog (I know it’s totally my fault for loosing readers due to my neglection of blog).

A few of lens flare resistance test shots :P. I had so much focusing problems during this carwash that I wanted to slam the lens to the ground. I missed so many great moments, girls were really posing to me a few times. And I really don’t know why since it never happened before that nor after that. Focusing was actually pretty fast and accurate at all times and in all lighting conditions. I guess this lens can have big problems focusing against harsh backlight. Though the contrast at given AF point could have never been that low to cause so many problems. It seemed, at times, like I was trying to focus on a completely white wall.




I really don’t know how I could have miscomposed and cut a part of such a perfectly round ass (well probably just because of that and lack of professionalism 😀 ). Such a shame!


My first real attempt of panning. Not a great one, but I kind of like it.