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Well this was fun! Valič hired me to make a coverage of the show. Photographically I couldn’t do wonders since I couldn’t move around like on concerts and some other events, where you can move around the stage and try various angles etc. My position was static, I took all the shots from the same seat. But on the other hand it was much more comfortable and I could really relax, seat back and enjoy the show. Me and Vid (Valič) go way back, but he still cracks me up, I almost laughed my ass off a few times. I really recommend their show for everyone who likes (stand up) comedy and especially to those that aren’t familiar with it. There were also other comedians, but I’m going to post just Vid’s photos, since his gesturing and mimics were by far the best, as was his performance overall (though I liked the others as well, especially Ivan Šarič).

EDIT: I wondered why noone commented. I bunch-posted the photos with the new WP feature called gallery. And every photo had a comment section of its own…I’ve reposted the photos the old fashioned way, but now you cant enlarge them. Well it’ll have to do until I figure it out.


These two really remind me of Alan Ford 😀 .