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Problems with CS3 profile (Mac)

I mentioned inconsistency between CS3 and other profiles in the last post. In the comment section there’s also a dialog between me and Matjaž regarding the matter. To keep it short: There should be no differences in color, saturation,contrast etc when viewed in CS3 or in a web browser. Below you can see the difference. There is a noticeable difference between CS3 and firefox/safari pic (left CS3, right firefox) contrast level and especially colors.


Any help, solution of the problem would be appreciated!


Ok, time for a change. Not in my style of photography.  Just when it comes to my model. Yes, she looks similar to the other models I’ve had sessions with. Some may say she’s just another in the line of gorgeous brunettes. She is, but what sets her apart from the rest is that she’s Russian. So if I can’t work abroad, I can at least work with foreign models, right? 😉

So we went in Tivoli to make a “fall styled” session. There were 3 parts of the session. The warm up part in the shade, with soft lighting. This part is always necessary with debuting models. Then we moved to the sunny part of the park, to make some “gegenlicht” shots. It was a bit tricky, because of the big 120 cm reflector that I used. It just isn’t nearly firm enough to hold it with one arm (and shoot with the other). The photo below is from the third part. It’s the only part I was able to make a few good shots. In the first two we had a lot of hair problems. Because every time she tilted her had in any way but backwards her hair partly covered her eyes. And that really interfered with the workflow; you make one shot (sometimes we managed to make a few), tell her to make a slight adjustment to her posture or head position and BANG, hair over her eye(s). With interruptions like that, it’s impossible to make a good photo. As most of you know, the interaction between the model and photographer must be good, relaxed. And you gradually make better and better photos with each tiny alteration, change of mimic, posture etc. So we did manage to skip all but the backward head tilts and made this shot.

EDIT: The photo looks a bit more contrast and desaturated when viewed in internet browsers. I guess my adobe profile isn’t calibrated…I’ll resolve that before my next post (that gives me a lot of time to 😀 ) .


It was a great experience. I faced an obstacle like that for the first time (and I’ve shot a lot of models). I guess it’s a first time for everything. I’m glad we overcame it. I think one gains experience with overcoming problems and/or challenges.

If you need a model…

Let me know. In the last 10 days I got 3 clients that needed models. And they were all very satisfied with them. You know that my models are the shit, right? 😉 

If it keeps on going like that I’ll be earning more from model commissions than from photography during the winter 😀 .

Oh I almost forgot; you can find ’em in the sessions category.

P.S. A new session post will follow soon. I intended to shot a session this weekend, but I caught a bad case of cold. And the model is going to be interesting too, exotic. So ya’ll best stay tuned!