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This is going to be a short post. Almost as short as the session I’ve had with Simona. We took some shots for the cover of Ona, nothing fancy, mostly just the kind of photos that are suitable for the cover (head and head&shoulder shots). It was her first photoshoot, but she was already pretty relaxed when we started. We made a few series of shots without the hood at the beginning, but I like these better.

Her eyes are really special.

I forgot to mention that all the shots were taken with Canon 1Ds mkIII and 85 1.8. I absolutely love the results, colors are really great, as well as tone/contrast gradation. I just didn’t particularly like to wait a minute or so in Lightroom 2 for every single photo to load (it takes a couple of seconds for 30D files in Raw shooter and up to around 5 seconds for 1Ds mkII files).