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I wanted to shoot a session like this for a long time. I’ve had similar brutal and bloody ideas from my early days of photography. That would be for around 3 years now. And a few months ago I finally gathered a team, that is capable of doing it. Not that I’ve tried really hard, but I did ask one of my favourite models a few years ago, if she was interested. Although she was pretty crazy, she wasn’t crazy enough to do it. You know, all girls just wanna be beautiful. So boring. And I did google up same fake blood recipes too. So to get back to the matter, both Špela and Tina (which you also probably know from this magazine cover) were all for it. We were all for it. You need that to do something like this.

So what I really wanted to do for so long is something bloody. Messy. Psychopathic. Enjoy and don’t forget to enlarge for best viewing experience (all the photos are straight from Rawshooter, no PS whatsoever).

When you know you’re dead meat