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You might know her from the previous post, Eva Longoria. You might know her as kesh peechka, but in the real world her name is Špela. And this time, I didn’t give her any role to play. But I do have something planned for the future, as it would be really a shame not to take advantage of her (acting) talent. And to be honest, we’re both a bit sick and tired of making just the normal, average photos, with no concept whatsoever (the last session was normal because I needed a cover shot and wanted to “test” the awesome environment, which you can partly see on one of the shots). I don’t really enjoy photography anymore, joy is gone, I don’t take photos unless I get payed to do it. A couple of years ago I was psyched to shoot with a flagship camera/good lenses. Hell I was psyched just to have a session. Now 1Ds mkII is just collecting dust in my room, for three weeks straight (ok I did shoot the shots in this post with it).

Anyway I’ll stop whining and post the rest of the shots that we’ve made (ENLARGE for best viewing experience):


Eva Longoria

Tjaša Cvetkov on the cover of ONA

So here it is, you probably still remember the post from a couple of weeks ago, when I asked you to choose between the two photos that I’ve posted. Again the one that all of you liked better, wasn’t printed on the cover. But this time it was my favourite that was chosen. And from what I’ve seen on Tjaša’s myspace and when I asked girls for opinion, most of them liked this one (which was published) better. So I think the choice was right at the end 🙂 . It’s the girls/women that matter when it comes to published photos on the (women’s magazine) cover.

But for me, it’s always you who matter the most. My dear readers, photographers. So please keep on commenting my photos on those rare occasions that I’m posting them lately.

That’s for sure by far the worst scan I’ve ever posted. Of course none of them were good, but this one is dappled, because on the back side of the cover there was an advertisement with more colors than the united colors of Benetton. So I really think you should take the magazine in your hands to see it as it should be seen (it’s virtually in every pub so you can grab it when you go there for a coffe or a beer, if you don’t have Delo or Slovenske novice at home).

EDIT: I can’t let you go on looking at that horrible scan. Here’s what it looks like in reality (ok no titles…):

If someone can make me a better scan, he/she is the greatest and I’ll buy him/her a drink on the first occasion that we’ll meet. I had a source at Delo that always sent me a scan, but now she doesn’t work there anymore…

Sigma 50 1.4 DG HSM

I just got this, according to specs, jewel today. I didn’t to any serious shooting with it yet, I just took some comparison shots, so you can get a feel for the size. I put it side by side with my nifty fifty (Canon 50 1.8) and Canon 85 1.8. Sure, ideally I should use Canon 50 1.4 for comparison, but unfortunately it’s not at my disposal at the moment.

The built is standard EX, with HSM. It has a huge front element with 77 mm filter thread(note that its competitors have a size of 58 mm). This looks really promising, the image quality should be excellent. I can’t wait to try it out on a real session (I planed one for tomorrow, but the weather forecast looks rather bad), to see how it compares to the competition, especially in the f1.4-f2 range. I’ll make a test, which will be published on and post some samples during the testing on my blog as well.

Here are the comparison shots. As you can see, the nifty fifty looks like a fucking joke compared to Sigma (so much smaller, with tiny glass elements and cheap plastic made along with the plastic mount). Compared to 85 1.8, Sigma is a bit shorter, but noticeably wider, with larger front element and similar rear element. Since I (as I mentioned before) regrettably didn’t have a Canon 50 1.4 to compare it with I can only give you this link to a post where I did a similar comparison with Canon 50 1.8 and Canon 50 1.4 – CLICK.

Tjaša Cvetkov

Remember me? Some of you probably do 😀 . Good. I didn’t post anything since nothing interesting and new happened regarding my photography. I did shoot a wedding last weekend, but that was about it. Today I had a short session with Tjaša, since I needed a cover shot. I’m gonna cut to the chase and show you the photos that I picked for the cover. The first one is my absolute favourite, since it’s (in my humble opinion) very positive and you can “feel the energy” as well. Exactly what I wanted from the shots. The second one is, well, it’s positive, but I think it’s something you’ve seen (too) many times on my photos. Please tell me which is your favourite, or if you don’t like both of them (and if possible, why not). Opinions and pointers are appreciated.