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I wish my car got stolen in Serbia

Or better said, I wish I was in Serbia for new year’s vacations, where an attempt to steal my car was made. Why? Because Serbian police handles those situations really good. At least according the video embedded below. For all of you, that don’t know what this is about, please check this post Prague adventures – stolen car etc.


It’s spring time. Is it spring time? Who’d know with all this snowing that’s going down in the last few days. All I know is, that I’m still stuck with my photo projects. That I’m getting restless. I went through my archives again. And I found a photo that reflects my mood perfectly.


Brina II

Since I’m still waiting for the spring and warmer weather so I could finally have a session, I’m posting a photo from my archive. I’m sure most of you know who Brina is and some of you have probably seen the photos from the session we had last spring. One of those photos was also published on the cover of ONA. Anyway here’s another photo, playful and positive. I intentionally eased up on contrast for this one.

Ahhh I can’t wait for the spring to come, flowers and fields to start blooming, models getting reed of all those redundant clothes, so me and my beloved Canon can finally get to work.

Please view LARGER.



Today I went to take a few shots of the protest against Kosovo independence. The protests took place in front of Serbian orthodox church in Ljubljana. It started at 12:44, like anywhere across the world where people are protesting against Kosovo independence, to symbolise the UN resolution 1244. The resolution states that Kosovo is a part of Serbia.

What I wanted to capture at the protests were some interesting portraits and emotions. Not to make a coverage. After all, I’m not a PJ, so I can shoot the way I want. I was a bit disappointed, since there were only around 1000 people present, instead of anticipated 3000. So it was even harder to find the kind of people I wanted to shoot. Old men with their distinguishable caps (šajkače) and the protest itself was pretty peaceful and people didn’t get as emotional as I expected them to be. I mean, there of course was some chanting like: “kdor ne skače ta je šiptar, hej hej hej” and “ubi, zakolji, da šiptar ne postoji”. But there was no true anger or hatred, no tears, no violence. Ok, there were some threats to the PJs, that came to close. That was also the reason they kept to themselves, away from the “raging” crowd, while I was the only one that was in the middle of the chanting, jumping etc.

Here are some shots, comments are appreciated, since I rarely do documentary photography.

One can rarely see so many police officers at such small scale protests. The shot was taken 3 blocks away from the protest. American embassy was totally blocked with fences and police cordons.





Old and tired


Young and eager







One could see many interesting banners, as well as some more or less standard




When things got a bit crazier. Football match? Looks similar…