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3rd place: E-fotografija 2007 Photo of the year

I hope I’ll win next year 😀 .

Here it is CLICK.

Emzin 2008

What a sad day for Slovenian photography! I just returned from Cankarjev Dom, where best Slovenian photographs are supposed to be exhibited. And I was really disappointed. As in the past years one can mostly see series, without any meaningful compositions, many of the photographs are technically worthless and what’s the most disturbing thing of all; there’s really no concept, no story behind them. Nothing to grab on. Top themes were, as usually, middle east, scenes from the gutter and other meaningless snapshots that an untalented 5 year old could take.

Until the photo contest jury will be made of mostly old farts that are favouring analogue technique above all and until the jury will be inclined to choose this kind of “art” photos, we can just forget about having a REAL Slovenian photography of the year contest. I’m sure some “artistic” soul will object in the comment section, saying we don’t get art. That we don’t know what art is really about and probably wrap it up in a complicated, dramatic description that no one understands – this is the way that the Emzin jury always justifies or better said describes why a certain series of photographs has won the contest. The main reason for that, is that they complicate their statements to a degree that nobody understands, but most of the people don’t object, most don’t even say a word, since they don’t want to be treated as morons. Like morons who don’t understand art. So they remain quiet and just nod with appreciation. Because they do understand what they just heard/read. And journalists writing articles about the exhibition are no better. Bullshit!

And we can see that we have the same winners every time. Manca Juvan again. Hear hear! I guess it’s better than having no winners at all, like it happened last year. I really think that it’s time that someone takes over the organisation of this contest. Emzin apparently can’t and don’t want to change. It’s the same every year. Like waking up from one of your worst nightmares!

New Canon special offer;400D&5D

It’s time to clean out the shelves and make way for 450D 😀 . No, just kidding, but I still have a special 400D offer for you. You can get it for 540 EUR and it’s in stock too, so you can get it right away. You can also get a 5D for a nice price, 2,2k EUR, but you’ll have to wait 3-5 days since it’s not in stock. Cameras have Slovenian warranty and user manual. You can pick it up yourself in the store which is located in Ljubljana or it can be sent to your home adress by mail. You can order it by sending me an email (contact form). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

EDIT 11.2.08: A 2 GB Sandisk Ultra II memory card comes along with every camera.

Waiting for the spring

Woow! I’ve got so many ideas for sessions, that I feel like my head is going to explode! And I’m so excited, I got an idea today, that I wanted to shoot almost from the day I started shooting seriously. And I’ve finally gathered a crew that I needed to make it work. Everybody from the make up artist, that can carry out my wishes and ideas, to the model that can get into her role, that is crazy and wild enough to do it. All I need is an assistant, but I’ll think about that when the time comes. Or better said when the spring comes. And I need to find a suitable location. That shouldn’t be a problem either.

Man, what a feeling! I really can’t wait…Now I really see, that a time off is needed. For me at least. After a while, ideas start poppin’ in my head, otherwise I’d just do similar sessions over and over and at the end bore everyone to death or in the worst case scenario even stop shooting.

I’m sorry for the absence of new photos, it will go on for a few more months. I just hope they’ll be worth waiting. Untill then occasional snap and test shots will have to do 🙁 .