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A few more Sigma 10 2.8 fisheye test shots

I went for another walk last week and this is what came out. My intention was to show you the field of view, I didn’t get into standard sharpness, aberrations etc testing. I didn’t have enough time to do it, besides that, I really don’t think those things matter the most. It’s really the FOV and the way you’re able to capture the world around you. Although I didn’t test the sharpness it seemed surprisingly sharp at f2.8-3.5 – but I won’t draw any concrete conclusions on that. Built quality is solid and AF worked really good on my 30D in all light conditions.






In the office

Time: friday, just before the weekend began

Reason: boredom



Double-faced freak


Mr. Forehead handling his “85L”


The bogeyman


Ahhhhh! I wanna get out!


World’s first Sigma 10 f2.8 mm fisheye hands on preview

Oh yeah! I’ve checked with google and it finds nothing. The lens is not even listed on Sigma’s site. Now let’s get to the description:

– it’s designed specifically for APS-C digital SLR cameras

-it produces a diagonal angle of view of 180° when mounted on Nikon and a bit less on Canon (I’d say around 170°)

-min focusing distance is 13.5 cm, so you can do nice close ups

-HSM AF motor. Silent and fast as usually.

– EX built (you should know what that means)

– its dimensions are relatively small, but it’s pretty heavy (just a personal opinion of course)

I snaped a few shots of the lens and went for a walk. So I’m posting a few shots, more are following at the end of this week.





Field of view is really crazy

Slo-foto exhibition video

This video, more or less an interview with Uroš Uršić (ok, Uroš Uršej, but they messed up 😀 ) aka Lucifix appeared on Čarli TV. You can see most of the exhibited photos and hear words of wisdom from Slo-foto’s big boss. It’s a shame they didn’t put any footages from the opening, but I guess the cameraman doesn’t like big crowds 😀 .

The look

I dug this one from the archive. Winter is far from being my favourite season for sessions, so you’ll have to wait a few more months for something fresh. The girl on the photo is Eva, I find her to be one of the best models I’ve ever worked with. I know this photo is more or less just a simple portrait, but I find her look (as in glance, not physical appearance) really special – If you view the photo in the LARGER version (click on it).


Don’t forget! Slo-foto exhibition

Yo ass best be in KUD tomorrow, 8PM sharp! The exhibition is about showing the best photos slo-foto has to offer and I’m proud that one of mine is amongst them.


Link to the complete article.

Short session with Lana

I got a call from Lana yesterday, she asked me if I’d take a few photos of her. She is a model on the wedding fair, which is organised this weekend in the congress center of hotel Union. So I went there today with a couple of ideas in my mind, since I already shot a wedding there last summer and I knew which locations are cool to shoot at. When I got to the entrance, a stretch limo was parked there. Great, I immediately started thinking about how I could use the limo in the shots. Unfortunately the company’s representative that was showing their wedding dresses (and of the one that Lana was wearing) wasn’t to keen about the idea of taking the dress out, since it would get wet. I had no other choice than to “obey” her, since I wasn’t shooting for them. Otherwise I’d just ask if they wanted good photos or not. I’m sure they wouldn’t care about the dress anymore 😉 . So I had to find another place to shoot. The exhibition halls were way too crammed to shot in and I couldn’t find an interesting location to shoot anyway. So we went to the adjacent hotel and shot on the staircase and in the elevator. I wish my reflector wasn’t stolen along with my Audi. I had to really improvise with my flashgun (it was to dark to shoot without it).

Here are a couple of shots. Make up by Tina. You probably know her better from this magazine cover.



Mpix madness in DSLR range too?!?

I’m dissapointed to see that the megapixel madness is starting to “infect” the DSLR class. And we’ve seen where that leads. Image quality of today’s compact cameras is in most cases worse then it was 3 years ago. Although Nikon has managed not only to get away with 12 mpix on their APS-C (D300), but to make a big step forward regarding image quality, especially regarding low noise levels at high ISO settings. I don’t believe Samsung is able to raise the bar that higher, but lets sit back and wait for first reviews of the production model. Note that putting 14.6 mpix on APS-C sized sensor is like cramming over 34 mpix on FF. I wonder which lens can resolve such resolution? Here are the specs (source Dpreview) that were posted on the Norwegian’s distributor for Samsung:


14.6 MP (CMOS)
Good old SR
Resistant to rain,sand and dust
Double dust removal on image sensor(whatever that means)
2.7″ LCD
Live view
One-press raw(as in K10D I guess)
ISO 3200
Price 10% more than K10D when it was introduced here in Norway

Prague adventures – stolen car etc

I don’t even know where to start huh. We had a great time and so many bad things happened at the same time. It all started with the gearbox that got stuck on my friend’s car. It happened right before the Austrian border. We called AMZS to get our car towed and none of us had a clue, that we’d have to argue for 3 hours over the phone with their incompetent operator. I won’t go into details, since it would take a full Word page to describe it in detail (I already wrote it, but cut it out). Perhaps some other time, because it’s really one of those stories, that seem to be too unbelievable to be true. While we were driving to Ljubljana, a couple of friends had to be left behind because the truck takes only 2 passengers. They nearly froze their asses, since all the pubs were closed at that time and even got chased by some faggots. After all that drama we took our car and with a few stops came to Prague. The most interesting was in Česke Budejovice, where we stopped to buy local currency (It’s not wise to exchange currency in Prague, since their taxes are pretty high). We were fascinated when we walked across their main town square. It’s enormous for a city that size (95.000 inhabitants), it’s larger than all Ljubljana’s squares combined. It’s surrounded by magnificent buildings, a beautiful and again huge town hall for a city of that size. And in the center of the square there was a beautiful and again huge fountain (at least 3x larger than Robba’s fountain in Ljubljana – so that you can get the picture, since I didn’t take my camera out of the car).

After we arrived in Prague in the evening we went out to grab something to eat and to find a nice pub. We thought we got the beer for a really nice price. It was 1,5 EUR. Wrong! That was the priciest beer that we drank in Prague, the normal price was 1 EUR. And ofcourse I’m talking about first class beers like Pilsner Urquell or Staropramen – I was told that the latter is not recognised to be a top class beer, but it’s still my favourite Czech beer. The days went by, we were partying at night, wondering around the city during the day, shopping (there were -60% sales all around the city center). On the new year’s day my car got stolen. It was parked right under our window in a very well lit street in the city center. Noone heard a thing, we just found out it was gone in the morning. I reported the theft to the police, fortunately the Tourist agency employee translated everything for me, since there was noone on the station who could speak english. I knew that my car was already in a chop shop waiting to be sold for spare parts. So we went on partying like nothing happened, we just had to cancel the new year’s eve dinner in the castle, which we wanted to attend, because we still weren’t sure how much money we’d need to get home. All the other planes weren’t canceled, we went to a hip hop party for the new year’s eve and sightseeing the other afternoon.

Photography wasn’t a priority on this trip, so I didn’t take that much shots and I never managed to get to take any sightseeing photos during the day. Here are a few:

Gunpowder tower

Since I’m a fan of sushi, we went in a Japanese restaurant.



Sushi (the colours are off, but that’s what you get with multiple “light” sources and pushing it all the way to ISO 3200):


Charles’s bridge:


New year’s eve hip hop party. The music really sucked, I heard 5 good songs at best. But we had a great time never the less, and the beer was still pretty cheap 😀 .



Leprechauns were all over the place:


And weard waiters…





I really tested his limits, lol. I had to be annoying to see if they’re well trained and self-restrained: