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A bunch of news

I got the replacement for my replacement Sigma. The 18-50 2.8 Macro. I hope it performes well, I’ll test it on my Prague vacations, I’m leaving tomorrow for 6 days. And the last but not least, Widget bucks IS paying (I just got the check today).

I’ve made a few snapshots, it looks like it’s front focus free. That’s always nice to see that, when it comes to Sigma+Canon combo. Besides that, I must say I was satisfied with the non macro version (optically they should be more or less equal), it passed the test nicely, I’ve just had a few AF problems in low light situations on the wedding. I hope this one will perform better, I’ll report about it when I return from Prague. Below you can see the snaps I mentioned earlier.


I focused on the letter M.


This standard FF test was done in a hurry, without a tripod etc. But I can assure you it’s accurate enough to check the focusing accuracy (just not 100% as it would be in case it was made by the book).

Things I’ve learned at yesterday’s wedding

I shot a wedding yesterday, that took place at Kendov Dvorec in Spodnja Idrija. The schedule was tight, by far the tightest I’ve ever had. I arrived at Kendov Dvorec 40 minutes earlier, to check the place out, to find a few nice spots to shoot. And I was limited to indoor spaces, since it was way too cold to shoot outside. To my great disappointment the place had only a couple of places, a room and a corridor, which were barely suitable for shooting romantic shots (after the ceremony). Why barely suitable? Because there were no large windows so that I could shoot without the use of a flash unit, the place was barely lit (I guess that adds to the mood) besides that the spaces were really small, so I had to shoot with the standard zoom lens, 85 mm was way too long. That means great depth of field etc, I had to shoot really differently, since my style of photography (natural light, min dof etc) was totally out of the question in there. The bride had to get dressed before the ceremony, so I couldn’t shoot romantic photos before the ceremony. The ceremony with all the congratulations, group shooting and rice throwing, ended at approximately 12.45 and we had to get to the church at 13.00. In the mean time I snapped (yeah snapped, no time for realxing the models, for working out the poses, face expressions etc) 5 different shots indoors and a few shots outside. I had around 6-7 minutes to do the complete romantic series. The Shot style, if you ask me (but at least they get to shoot pro models). After that, shooting the church ceremony went pretty smoothly, since there was plenty of time. We returned back to Kendov Dvorec, for the “lunch” which officially started at the moment we arrived (14.00). There was time to make a few more outdoor shots, but anyway, I couldn’t do more outside shots (even if I had the time) of the bride, she’d freeze at -7C.

On my way home I thought I blew it. That I didn’t make enough good shots (although bride&groom really wanted just a few romantic shots). Besides that, I wasn’t really sure that the “rice throwing” shots came out good, since I had quite a lot of flash problems (I really miss Nikon’s flash systems for weddings). Is it possible for the TTL to act somewhat differently, less accurate if you use a different lens (I used Sigma 18-50 2.8, which worked fine with my 430 ex on a couple of previous occasions)? Anyway, seeing the photos on my computer monitor was a relief, all in all, they came out pretty good.

I didn’t ask the newlyweds for permission to post photos, so I’m just going to post this one. This time the “spot” window light came in handy, otherwise it was just “burning” the snow-white bride’s dress and messing up the light metering.


Oh yeah, I forgot to write down what I’ve learned yesterday, or better said, I got my assumptions that when one’s pressed with time and works in really hard environment (tight spaces, bad lighting, freezing temperatures outside…) it’s really even worse than what you expect. Pressure is building up, when you see most or none of the things you planned aren’t going according to plan. I did good with some shots, messed up some, but when I look at the selected photos, I’m satisfied with the results (regarding the circumstances). But enough of the excuses (which of course are not really excuses, I just wanted to share my experiences with you), all that the clients are always really interested in, is the end result.

D300&580 EX special offers are still standing

Check the banners in the sidebar and click on them to get full details on the offers. And get yourself (or someone else) a perfect christmas gift, damn it. Even Santa orders from me 😀 .

1st anniversary

It’s been a year, my dear readers. There are currently 194 posts and 1,134 comments, contained within 12 categories . I’m sure some of the posts are missing as well as some of the comments (lost during the export/import process, when I moved the blog to my own domain), but there is – I hope – still enough material to read and look at. I know that my blog has become more of a personal, than a photographical lately, but it’s just that time of the year that I don’t shoot much – yeah, winter time. So I guess that’s how it’s going to be ’till spring, when I usually start shooting more often. I’ll do some sessions during the winter, but most of them, when I’ll need new photos for the covers or when I’ll get payed to shoot something (and those photos are rarely posted here anyway).

Sony Ericsson P1 inda house!

Yeah! And I was really surprised when I looked at the phone box. A wayfinder sticker was on it, meaning I was getting the GPS module as well for no extra cost. When I opened the box, I found out that more surprises are following. I could believe my eyes. So many goodies inside 😀 . Besides the usual content, which is usually including the phone, charger, battery, documentation and with some models also headphones, USB cable and a memory card, I got also a pouch, a deckstand used for charging and connecting to the PC and an extra stylus (pen). The phone is charging at the moment, but I can’t wait to start playing with it (using it, would be an understatement 😉 ).

EDIT: I got it on bolha, for only 350 EUR (it costs the same if you sign a 24 month contract with Simobil or Mobitel) and it’s brand new bought today, I got the receipt and warranty.

Which smartphone?

I’m thinking about buying one. I find Sony Ericsson P1 fulfilling most of my demands. It’s packed with all the goodies (WiFi, touchscreen etc), yet it’s still relatively light and small. The LCD display is supposed to be very good, as well as the user interface. QWERTY keyboard is supposed to be excellent it just needs a bit of getting used to. The only thing I miss is built in GPS. And last but not least, it also looks pretty good.


What do I want from you? To correct me if I’m wrong. I haven’t had the chance to use it (I’ve just held it in my hand briefly and played around with the menus), so all I know about this phone is from one of the reviews, specs and user reviews/opinions. So all of you that own it or have at least used it more extensively, please fill free to fill me in, at least about the most important pros and cons. Does it support an external GPS module? Is it even usable on such a small screen (2.6″)? Or advice me to buy something else. But not Nokia E90, it’s a freakin’ brick! N95 also doesn’t feel right, it’s abit too thick for my taste, but it does have GPS and nice player controls. But no touch screen and that really sucks. I can’t find any other phones in this range. But then again, I don’t really know that much about (smart)phones. Just don’t suggest iPhone. Because it’s pretty “dumb” compared to these smartphones. I don’t even consider it as a smartphone – how stupid is it to have bluetooth which is usable only for using the wireless headphone (you can’t transmit files), to not be able to load your own melodies, to lack UMTS, MMS, SMS functions are so limited…There’s really to much to write it all down and you’ve probably already read in this post that I wrote a while ago.

Erotic fair

I visited the 1st Erotic fair in Slovenia, Eros&Amor. I’ve read and heard quite a few negative critiques about it, especially regarding very few exhibitors. But I couldn’t care less about that, after all I came for the show itself. And the show was pretty good, I went home with a smile on my face 😀 . I’ll post only this photo below, since the rest are either too explicit or just too ordinary (you wouldn’t see anything new, since many bloggers have already attended the fair on friday and published the photos yesterday). The problem was that there was no fence around the stage, reserved for photographers. So you were stuck in one place (not to mention it was really hard to get right up to the stage) so you shot when the stripper/porn star was just in the right place at the right angle etc.


The other thing (besides the show) that I found most interesting, was the way that people behaved. Boys are boys, you know what I mean 😉 . But girls! They went wild! I’ve seen things like this happening only in some video clips. I’d like to go into details, but I don’t want to get in trouble with my ad companies TOS. And anyway, to get the real picture, you have to see it for yourself 😛 . So I’ll just briefly describe what was going on. As you know, men are usually courageous, loud etc, but when it comes to action some of them just freeze. Girls are a completely different story (as you probably already know 😉 ). One of the girls was so shy, that she didn’t even want to answer a few simple questions, like where was she from, what was her name etc. But when the naked stripper approached her, she wasn’t at least bit shy. She did things, that I wouldn’t think she’d do with her boyfriend (because she appeared to be ultra shy just a few minutes before), which stood right besides her! If the stripper didn’t move along, I really don’t know what would have happened. Or perhaps it did, later that evening in the backstage 😛 . But the story wasn’t over yet. When the lesbo show began, she went on the stage and was VERY cooperative. I must say she was a nice surprise. And most girls were like her. Some also had boyfriends with them. But there was another girl, which was much more straigth-forward. Actually she was a photographer. She “abused” every male stripper that came her way in every possible way. She even came on the stage willingly, between the show. I believe her intention was to “get sum”. I hope she succeeded later that evening, in the backstage, because all she got form the host (which was an Austrian porn star) was a bit of dressed up rubbing…

Guys, I recommend you leave your gilrfriends at home and strongly advice you to not let them go there by themselves. Unless you want to put your relationships to the test 😛 . It sure is better that she blows it now (hehe it has a double meaning 😛 ), then a few years later when you’ll be married, with children 😉 .

Nikon D300 special offer

This time I’ve decided to make you a Nikon special offer. So that I won’t be hearing complaints that I’m always organising only Canon special offers and “group buys” 😉 . You can get a D300 for only 1.748 € and you can get it the same day you order it (ok probably the next since I have to forward your orders), with  Slo/Euro warranty and a receipt (no grey import etc). Hurry up since the quantity is limited. So mail me (contact form) and don’t forget to include your phone number in the order.

Winter…I hate it!

It’s getting cold&chilly. I wish I was a bear and sleep through the winter.

Here’s one from the archive. I don’t want to represent winter with yet one another photo of snowy mountains or a glaze frosted lawn. It’s just not my style 😉 .