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Long list of iPhone’s flaws

And the list is looong! It goes on and on. Yesterday I came across this thread on Since one of the administrators of a site dedicated to Apple wrote it, I’m sure the source can be trusted and that it’s not exaggerated. One can rarely see such a detailed negative critique from (I suppose) a big fan of a trademark/system. The reason I’m posting this, is to show you the other side of the iPhone story and that’s it’s not all good. And to give you a full insight, since you’ve probably also seen mostly praises of iPhone and it would be a shame to spend all that money and be disappointed at the end. I can give Apple credit for once again making something revolutionary. And good looking. But with so many flaws and bugs and priced so high; no thanks. But then again, I’m sure I don’t understand the philosophy behind it :evilsmiley: …

Studio tutorials

I’ve been diggin around a while ago and came across a photo by Giuseppe Circhetta. Since I liked it, I checked the rest of his portfolio and clicked on the link to his photo blog. I found a few educational studio lighting tutorials, which I believe most novice and intermediate level studio photographers will find pretty interesting. The thing I like best about those tutorials are the illustrations of light set ups and ofcourse the detailed photos showing either the complete setup or just parts of it. And also the end result. The most interesting thing to me, is the way he lites the background, unevenly. I find that much more interesting than evenly/flat lit backgrounds.

Here are the links:




Sigma 18-50 2.8 (macro)

I just got it today, the non-macro version. I wanted the macro version, but it’s out of stock, so I got this one for a couple of weeks, so I won’t be left without a standard zoom – I sold the good ol’ 350D kit last week. I could also keep this one, but I’ve already, more or less, made up my mind. But I’m still interested if there are any optical differences between the macro and non-macro versions, besides the minimal focusing distance. There might be, since the optical configuration is different. I’m mostly interested in sharpness in the f2.8-f4 range, bokeh and colours. There probably is no difference when it comes to AF speed – the macro HSM version is unfortunately available for Nikon only at this time. So anyone who’s had experience with both, or better yet, has owned both is welcome to write down his opinion about it and post same samples. If you found any comparison test (I haven’t) please paste a link.

My first impressions are good, the first thing that I tried was AF speed and accuracy in low light situation using the outer AF points. I’d say it was pretty good, compared to 18-55 kit it was noticeably better – 18-55 won’t focus using the outer AF points at all, not even/or really slowlly with a flashgun attached. And that was the improvement I was looking for. I don’t need a pro standard zoom, since I rarely use it, but when I do, I expect it to perform good (not excellent) in all light situations. It makes a nice combo with 30D too, its weight is still acceptable, while the handling is good, it feels good in my hands. If you don’t know yet, I hate bricks (Canon 1 series, Nikon pro series etc) and bulky standard zoom lenses (all of the 24-70 2.8), especially if shooting for longer periods with a flashgun attached to it (the brick kit). That’s why I also didn’t buy a battery grip for my 30D. It would handle better without a doubt, but it would also feel almost like holding a series 1 DSLR – heavy!

Gettin’ old…

Yeah I just turned 28 today. How do I feel? Pretty old, lol. What can you give as a present? If you’re loaded, a £10k hooker would be pretty cool 😛 . Just joking, nothing can beat true love 😉 .

Perfect wife

Click here to watch the clip. A couple of Slovenian (stand up) comedians, Miki&Ranc have made a bunch of perfect man/wife sketches, I linked the one I like best. Here’s another Miki’s stand up appereance, one of his best in my opinion.

Perfect music

Do you know the feeling of finding just the perfect music? I got my hands on a few Madlib and Madvillain (Madvillain is MF Doom+Madlib) albums. And it was the perfect timing too. I listened a lot to MF Doom (his new album MM.. food is just off the chain!) in the last few days. I guess I’m in the mood for different hip hop lately, melodic with mad sounds and beats. You might like Madlib also if you don’t like hip hop. Because some of his albums don’t have much to do with hip hop, I’d say they’re more related to funk and soul.

And it all started with a Dangerdoom (Danger mouse+MF Doom) song called Space Hoes. I think you are to start with dangerdoom too, if you’re a noob at listening to this kind of hip hop.

EDIT 28.11.07: I’ve added this Madvillain live performance. Check it out, it’s tight!

My photo in the Blogorola magazine

I assume that most of my readers and fellow bloggers are already familiar with Blogorola. They’ve decided to start publishing a cost free weekly blogging magazine. This week the pilot issue was printed and sent to all the bloggers that were featured in it. My photo Kesh peechka was published in the section photo of the week, the theme was “Nasmeh do ušes”. I never wrote a post when one or more of my photos were published in a magazine (covers are a different story…), but since there’s a possibility of future cooperation, I’ve decided to do so. I believe such a magazine is very welcome, because it will bring blogging to a whole new level in Slovenia and on pair with more advanced blogging societies.


EDIT: Now that I’ve read terms of use, I’ve decided not to sign the contract. They’d get all non-exclusive copyrights and would pay only 10 EUR (with tax or as most of you would understand – “bruto”) for a complete blog post. So if I can do the math, every blogger is getting payed 8 EUR per post. What do I say to that you ask? HAHAHAHA!!!

Another Canon’s special offer

For all of you who need (or just want 😀 ) Canon’s top flashgun, there’s again a special offer. The price for 580 EX II is 440 EUR – 50 EUR cashback. Ofcourse you can still buy any item found on this gruop buy pricelist. If you decide to purchase something, please send me an email ( and write down your order and a contact number.


First of; I know I suck. I haven’t posted anything for a week. I just didn’t shoot anything interesting, besides that it’s been a really lousy week for me. This photo is almost 3 years old, taken on the second session with Tisa. I’ve intentionally lowered the color temperature, to give it a more cold, wintery appearance. It’s funny to look at a 3 year old photo and see all those small mistakes I’d never make today (hair all over the face and hands).

Some are welcoming the Fall

With open arms. My 6 year old “half-nephew” (cousin’s son) Anže.

BW looks a bit too dark and scary, don’t you agree?