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Don’t fuck with me!


Can you imagine how drunk Kimi Raikonen is going to be tonight?

Dead drunk! For all of you that can’t find the connection between Kimi aka Iceman and drinking, let me just tell you, he’s known to throw wild parties and get totally messed up. To name just a few interesting escapades: throwing a party at home and later that morning his wife found him in bed with another woman, then another time he was so drunk that he fell of a yacht and the last time he and his friends wore gorilla costumes while drinking and riding (if I remember correctly) ski jets. But that doesn’t really matter. It’s just interesting to see Iceman turn into a party animal. As Walter Wolf said, he’s going to sit in the cockpit the next day (after he got totally drunk) and he’s going to drive as he should. Other drivers could never do that.

The most important thing is that he finally won the F1 world championship. He was very close two times so far and he finally made it the third time. The stakes were really against him this time. I kept my fingers crossed for him, but I thought the only chance for him to win was, if McLarens crashed with each other and by that put themselves out of the race or at least end up without any points. But Kimi would still need to end the race at least second to get 8 points, since he was 7 points behind Hamilton. The thing I really like about Kimi is, that he is really pushing it to the end. Always! No tactics. No dirty tricks like Alonso (he really reminds me of Schumacher, but he drove even dirtier) and Hamilton (he was slowing Kimi on last qualifications twice). A few races ago I couldn’t decide between Kimi and Hamilton. But now I finally saw Hamilton for who he really was, besides that he’s more of a safe driver. He’s not really pushing it like Kimi, he’s rather playing it safe. And that was also the reason that he didn’t win the championship. He could have pushed harder a couple of times, but instead he played it safe and finished the race 2nd or 3rd.

EDIT 23:07: here’s the yacht drinking incident caught on tape 😀 .

True love

That was one of my first big cat sessions and one of the most emotive so far. I’ve caught them in the act on other occassions, but that was pure passion, with neck bites and roaring. But this was a very tender and brief cuttle. I saw it coming (ok I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t want to pull out my hair later for missing it) and I almost missed it, since it only lasted a second or two and I was using 350D and 75-300 USM in a very low light situation. So you probably know how dreadfully slow focusing with that combo is, especially when you’re close to 1 EV 😀 (it was really ISO 1600+).


Chicks don’t like fast driving

Check out the sound FX, lol! – Watch more free videos

And check out the sign on her helmet. This video really rocks 😀 .

I didn’t quit

Blogging. I’m just on a short break. I don’t have anything interesting to post, so I won’t. Besides that I was out of town for a couple of days now, I was on a seminar on Slovenian coast. The weather was sweet, sunny&warm and I did a bit of Nikon 200/2 VR lens testing. I have nothing interesting to show you, sorry. I had no models, I didn’t ran into any bums on the street, the town was almost abandoned (compared to the summer season). I tried to capture a few seagull shots, but unfortunately none got close enough. Too short for birding and too long for panoramas etc. I’d kill for a model and a D3 – that would be the perfect min DOF combo…All in all I can say it’s an awesome lens, sharp, fast and it has VR. A dream come true for all (ok for most, you can’t really shoot football with it etc) sports photographers. And on a FF camera it could be used for people/fashion photography as well. If you don’t find it too heavy, like I do (monopod is a must for long term use). When you hold it and look at it, it really looks like 300 2.8. It’s just so much bigger than 200 2.8 (Canon). While I was walking on the beach, someone said (holding his arms in the air): I surrender! It apparently looks pretty intimidating 😀 . Huh, it looks like I have to write something after all. It’s just a shame it isn’t interesting at all 🙂 . Perhaps I just proved my point – it’s better not to write, than to write boring stuff like this hehe. So, cya in a few days.

Chestnut picnic snapshot

As many of you already know, a few of the photo bloggers attended the picnic yesterday. It was fun, exploring nature, I even took a few nature shots (shocking! ain’t it?) and ofcourse eating chestnuts, drinking new wine and having fun. Since M&M made such a good report of the picnic and a few other bloggers also posted about this picnic (and a few more will in a day or two) I won’t bother you with tons of pics. The other reason is, that I didn’t shoot a lot:). Here’s just one snapshot. I never noticed Matjaž had such a big head 😀 .


Canon&Sigma “group buy”

Here we go again, yet another six months have passed. I’ve pasted a complete Canon price list below this paragraph, Sigma price list isn’t available yet (discount doesn’t work the same way as with Canon, prices differ based on the lens class – entry level, pro (EX) etc). There are still a few of 10-22 available for 680 EUR, hurry up, unless you want to pay the price list price (which is still much lower than the “normal” price).

Since I’m lazy I’m going to c/p the last part of the post from my slo-foto post (it’s in Slovene, but it doesn’t really matter since this group buy is organised for Slovenian customers only):

Nakup in prevzem je v Ljubljani, plačilo je gotovina ali predračun, izvor blaga je Slovenija, prav tako garancija pri nas ter seveda navodila v slovenščini. Na mail mi pošljite naročila, ki naj poleg izbranih artiklov vsebujejo še vaše podatke (ime, priimek, naslov in GSM oz vse podatke potrebne za izdajo predračuna, če boste kupovali na “firmo”).

CANON’S PRICE LIST: cenik_canon_skupinc.pdf

New header

I know my current header is more or less boring. That’s why I’ve designed a new one. I would already implement it, but I don’t know how. I knew my way around blogger’s template, but I don’t have a clue about php (which this template is also based on). And Luc is not anywhere near his computer to do it for me. So I’m going to show it to you anyway, as an image. Damn, it’s fucked up to be so impatient 😀 .


What do you think about it? Is it a thumb up or down?

The last one

I know I already posted last set. But I decided to post this one as well, since a few people liked it. I don’t. I’m posting it for you 😛 . Tell me whether you like it or not.


Last set

Of last weekend’s session shots. And also the set, that I really can’t put my finger on whether they’re any good. I just know I can do much better…Ok I’ll let you be the judge of that.


The last one could be good, but it lacks energy…It’s just too lifeless for my taste, I wanted to show something completely different. ISO 400+3 stops (I guess metering was even more off at 4fps – I wanted to capture her in movement, waving the whip).


EDIT: I guess I wanted something like this for this photo, LOL.

Foto: Anže Vodovnik