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Colour or BW?

I just came from today’s portrait/fashion session, that took place in an abandoned hotel Bellevue (I hope I spelled correctly). I already mentioned most of the details in the Anyone wanna be my assistant post, so I won’t write about it again. Anže was of great help, I couldn’t do 90% of the shots without his assistance, reflector was a must – and still I had to shoot at ISO 400-640 at f1.8!! And those numbers aren’t realistic anyway, because someone played with the display settings on 1Ds mkII and photos that seemed fine were all underexposed and those that seemed overexposed were fine. So the photos had to be “pushed” by 2/3-1 2/3 f stops. Yeah, shit really does happen. Luckily, I didn’t shoot commercially, so images will still be ok for web publishing. Thanks to 1Ds’s great sensor and processing.

Another thing was that Jess&I weren’t “operating” at peak efficiency. So I can’t say I’m really satisfied with the photos…At least make up, environment and my assistant were great.

So, which one do you prefer?



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Colourful Ljubljana

I went for a walk in the old part of town this afternoon and came across this musician. If one could call him that, since he didn’t have a clue, about what he was doing 😀 . He’s probably one of the few Romanians that stayed in Ljubljana. There were hundreds of them “playing” various instruments on pub’s gardens, on the streets and on some of the blocks. They probably left after they found out how cheap Slovenians really are…Anyway I’m glad he decided to stay, so I could snap a few shots. As you can see, he is very shy, so I just snapped a few photos and moved along…

Taken with a combination I’m very fond of, Canon 1Ds mkII+85 1.8. At what f number? Don’t ask stupid questions 😉 . Please view LARGER (thumbnail seems a bit underexposed etc).


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Anyone got a fancy dog leash?

And it has to be partly metal (chrome chain or something similar). I really need it for tomorrow’s session, because I don’t want to use plastic, cheap looking leashes (Flexi etc).

lolipop, lolipop…

The sweetest thing…




Taking photos with 85L@f2.8…

But it’s really one of the few. ISO 800, taken on the session that I forgot to set ISO to 100-200 😀 (a while ago if you still remember).


Damn, this lens would really come in handy for sunday’s fashion session. At least there’s a chance I’ll get the 1Ds mkII. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂 . Because everything else has been arranged; I’ve found a perfect place for the session, I’ve got a great model, an assistant, make up artist and a few (I hope) interesting ideas. I’ve talked about everything regarding the session with Jessica (model) yesterday, from styling, to ideas and make up. I just hope for lots of sunshine on sunday…

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First of, I’d like to apologize to all my readers for yesterday’s blackout. There was a problem with the server that my blog is hosted on and that’s why my blog was offline for over 10 hours – fortunately over night.

Now lets get to the publicity part of the post. At least a couple of bloggers mentioned me in their blogpost in the last couple of days. One was positively oriented, the other wasn’t. I won’t get into more detail about the negative one, since I don’t want to flame any further debates. Those who read all the “major” Slovenian photo blogs, know what post/blog I’m writing about. Suffice it to say, I was partly (negatively) mentioned in a post about commercial (eg those who earn money with their blog) and noncommercial bloggers, which lead to yet another post on another blog as a response to that post (things got really interesting). The author of the “positive publicity” was Lenart Senica aka Lenyn, which dedicated me a Min DOF portrait post, titled as “za Bernika”. Many thanks Lenyn, it was a very nice gesture.

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Anyone wanna be my assistant?

A while ago a few of you fellow photographers were asking me if you could assist me. Here’s the LINK to the post where a couple of photographers asked me if they could participate/assist me on a session – so that I won’t be called a cocky selfobserved pig… I’m planing a fashion/portrait session for this sunday, if the weather is going to be fine. It’ll have to be sunny since the session will take place in an abandoned building, where the only light source are going to be the windows and the light bounced off of the reflector. So anyone (OK just one really 😛 ) who can handle the reflector is welcome – just a basic knowledge of light bouncing is required.

The model is going to be mrs. Hotlips 😛 .

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First month stats

It’s been a month yesterday, since I moved my blog to this domain name and to a WordPress template. I must say I’m pleased with the traffic on my blog, although I expected even more visits and pageviews. The reason for that expectation was, that the traffic was really high during the first week, after that it settled to around 700 pageviews and 350 visits a day. After doing a bit of math, calculator showed that average visit/day reached 407 and pages/content of my blog was viewed 869 times a day. Total number of visits was 12.608, which generated 26.926 pageviews. I know that I can’t compare to the top rated Slovenian blogs like Had, but (mainly) a photo blog can never even reach that many readers. But that’s no reason for not trying to further increase traffic and increasing the range of my blog.

Min DOF photography blog on every Slovenian computer screen! 😀

Visits stats:


Pageviews stats:


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I sold 4 photos today



Yes! Michael Moore has done it again. I don’t really know if again is the right word, since Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911 didn’t make such a big impression on me, although they were right on point, showing some of the America’s biggest issues. No, it didn’t just impress me, it flat blew my mind.

The movie starts of with a few horrible stories regarding uninsured people. The first few minutes show a man stitching his wound. Why? because he doesn’t have a health insurance. He’s a part of the misfortunate 50 million Americans, that can’t afford it. The next guy tells about his sawing accident, when he lost a couple of his finger tips. He was faced with a horrible decision about which finger tip he wants sawn back. He chose, as Moore ironically commented, the ring finger as a hopeless romantic, which costed him only 12.000$. The middle finger would cost him 60.000$. Movie continues with insurance companies, which are always trying hard to find anything and by that I really mean anything to deny payment of medical care or medication costs. So being insured, can’t make you feel secure. You can get screwed anyway. After that he moves to Europe (UK, France) to compare their health care system to the American. To his “great amazement” he finds out that everything is free. As a comparison he shows a man who’s five fingers were completely cut off and he got a complete medical treatment, yes you guessed correctly, free of charge. I won’t get into too much detail, since I don’t want to add to many spoilers…

And at the end he presents the 9/11 volunteers, which got diseases for helping out at ground zero and were refused for medical treatment. Moore rents a few boats with an intention to get them treated in Guantanamo Bay, the only place with universal health care in America (or better said on American soil). Ofcourse they were denied (doh, hehe), so he takes them to a hospital in Havana, to once again and for the final time mock the American health care system (I’m not really sure if it should be called like that). After all of them got treated for free and get some medications (inhalers that cost around 5c in Cuban pharmacies, cost 120$ in the States) the story comes to an end.

All I can say is that I can only recommend this documentary and give it a rating of 10/10.

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