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Be afraid!

Be very afraid!

Sometimes it happens, that I too, use Canon 1D mkII, for what it was meant to use. Fast, unpredictable action 😀 . And this time I put 8.5 fps to use. Hell yeah, it “fires” faster than most machineguns.

No Photoshop manipulation, except for frameing, resizing etc.


I hope you’re not getting tired of my stupid faces posts (if so, complain about it in your comment). But it’s hard to do normal photos, with all the kind of friends I have 😛 .

EF 50 1.4?

I’m thinking about buying this lens. The main reason why, is because 85 is a bit long for people snapshots. I notice that when I’m in a pub (or in a similar environment) with my friends and I can’t just snap the photo across the table with the 85 1.8, because it’s just too long. I have to move back…and by then a moment is already missed. 85 1.8 is ideal for this kind of shots when mounted on FF – it’s ideal. The only problem with it on FF is that the min focus distance is too long for headshots (you can’t frame only the head). The other problem is that I don’t have nor I intend to buy a FF DSLR any time soon.

I intended to buy it when I wear out my 50 1.8. But I can’t wait that long – it still works perfectly. Ok by the word perfectly I mean as it should. But that’s not good enough for me, I hate it’s unreliable (it can miss focus few times in a row in pretty decent light conditions) and noisy AF, sharpness below f2.5 (it’s sharp at f2.8), washed-out colours and ugly bokeh. The 1.4 version is supposed to be better in all of those features, although still not comparable with 85 1.8/100 f2 or any of the L prime non WA lenses. The main reason for me to upgrade is more reliable AF (although still not really good judging by the reviews), better bokeh and I hope the colors and sharpness are not just a tad better. And especially about the last two features I want to hear opinions from all of you who own it or have shot with it (extensively if possible). If you have some interesting samples shot in the f1.4-f2.8 (100% crops), please post them in your comments (links).

And here’s a link to the only 50 mm comparison test . It’s a pretty nice review, but it lacks sharpness and colour comparison. So I’ll be glad for any usefull input that you can provide.

Lens does matter

All of the photos below were taken on last year’s fashion photography workshop. I’ve never published these photos on the web (although one of those was on the cover of ONA magazine), because I didn’t find them good enough. And probably also because I took only a few of the photos of Tina (those pasted below are numbered 7594-7596, so I probably took just 3 shots).

The first three somehow work for me. Can’t really put my finger on it. They just do. Please view LARGER, otherwise it’s no use…




This one somehow doesn’t really work for me. Like a butter knife, it just don’t cut it (yeah don’t not doesn’t;)). Oh shit, now I know why!! Because it’s taken with Canon 70-200 2.8@200 mm f3.2. There’s just too much DOF. Ofcourse that’s just one of the reasons…


And now you see why I would never think for a second about which lens to use for a portrait/fashion/nudes or any kind of people photography. Although Canon 70-200 2.8 is a damn fine ZOOM lens, it doesn’t come even close to 85 1.8 for the kind of photography that I do. No min DOF capabilities, no real sharpness below f3.2 and it weights a ton too – I hate that about it as well. Oh yeah, it also costs 4-5 times more;).

Now I know that some photojournalist, sports shooter etc will come across and start whining. Yeah I know all your arguments and that you will write exactly opposite to what I’ve had. But…Write about it on your own damn blog 😉 😛 . I’m joking ofcourse, everyone is welcome to put their 2 cents in the comment section.

Let’s go outside

For a smoke.


Smokers enjoy it while you can, soon you’ll be allowed to smoke only in the privacy of your home :evil-smiley: 😛 .

Growing traffic

I’ve been keeping an eye on my stats very closely since I opened this, brand new blog. Ofcourse it’s not really new, since I only changed the domain name and template. Judging by the traffic stats, people seem to like it, visits to my blog and also pageviews are growing every day. It would sure be very sweet to continue this trend indefinitely, but nice things always come to an end, sooner or later. But this is probably just the effect of introducing something renewed, improved and for that reason more compelling to my readers than usually.

I’ll try hard in the future to keep it interesting for you, meanwhile just sit back, relax and enjoy reading my blog.

Here’s the screenshot of the stats. I like this counter because it’s live, unlike Google Analytics which refreshes only few times a day:


And here’s a Google Analytics screenshot, for all of you who think this is the best software for tracking stats:


EDIT: Commentator Prelc just pointed out that stats differ. Well that’s true, but there’s a reason for it. No, it’s not that Statcounter sucks:). Google Analytics uses pacific time zone (+9 hours), Statcounter uses the one you set (in my case GMT+1).

Huge “apertures”

Large apertures go hand in hand with Min DOF.

Min DOF junkie has a Min DOF cat:P.


My absolute best?

I often find myself wondering which are my best photos. Usually when I’m thinking about submitting my photos to a photo contest (ok, I’ve actually done it only once), when I’m thinking about having an exhibition, when I’m submitting my photos to a portfolio or when I’m sending it to one of the magazines…

So I’d like to get your opinion about it. Because choosing out of top 11 is different than submitting a photo on a web gallery for a critique – you get opinions on a single photo, not on a bunch and comparisons aren’t possible as well.

Please view LARGER! Thumbnails seem to be a bit soft and are too small to really rate the photos anyway.












We’re on!

This is the first post on my new blog, with a new template and my own domain name. I still have to make a couple of tweaks, blogroll and links have to be moved to the sidebar, not to mention the update of the blogroll. Those who are missing on the blogroll (and were on my blogroll on blogspot), please fell free to write a comment with the url to your blog. I updated it as far as I could, but unfortunately I don’t know all the URLs to your blogs and I might have forgotten about someone too.


New domain.

New template.

Still min DOF.

Stay tuned!

King size

I got sick yesterday. So I went through my archives and found yet another retarded snap.

For the techies: taken with Canon 1D mkII and EF 85 1.8@f2.2.