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Min DOFed big cats

I dug these in my archive. All of the photo below were taken over a year ago. Since I bought Canon EF 85 1.8 I started taking practically all the photos with it. Even big cats portraits. Most people are taking photos of these majestic predators with super tele lenses. I had a different approach. I connected with this cats in a similar way that I do with my models. Ok, don’t take this too seriously, you can’t verbally communicate with animals. But one can establish a different kind of connection with them. And as a result you can get photos that are a bit different.

Yeah, that was the time that my Canon EF 75-300 USM became obsolete.

Can you see the alertness in his eyes? Yeah we were close, eye to eye.

Another up close and personal. The king himself…

Min Dof leopard

And even closer. He’s totally phlegmatic

This one is not min DOF. But it’s still taken with 85 1.8. Ain’t she a thang of beauty? She’s is definitely Miss Ljubljana ZOO.

And remember: every subject can be min DOFed!:P


About this shot. I can’t make up my mind. One of those, that I can’t put my finger on: is it good or bad…

What do you think? Please be honest, hypocrisy won’t get me anywhere.


I hope you know, what you’re looking at;).

One more (Nikon can do MIN DOF too)

Tina’s photo. I looked at it a few more times and it seemed pretty good to me. So I’m posting it.

I can’t let you off the hook, before seeing this one. Nikon can do Min Dof too;). 85 mm, f1.6, ISO 400+1 stop:

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First session with Tina

Today was a first time for many things. Tina had a session for the first time in her life, I shot a session with D200 and 85 1.4 for the first time, that was our first session (doh:D).

I went more or less into details this time, these are more or less beauty photos:

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Joining hobbies

My boy S3to took his model plane for a flight today. And we’ve joined our hobbies. You know, the things we like to do the most in our lives (ok I earn my living with photography, but never the less I still love it). Ofcourse I didn’t take in flight photos. Sport photography bores me to death. But I took a couple of snapshots in the field, here’s one:

Taken with Nikon D200 and 85 1.4, I warmed the colours quite a bit (500 or 600K), to get a more pleasing end result. At least to me, I’m used to warmer Canon colours. A great combo, I’ll shoot a session with it later this afternoon.

Shadow boxer II

Another abstract from me. I don’t know why. I’m in the “abstract” mood, I guess…

(tag: taken with Canon 350D and Canon EF 85 1.8).


Fat. Juicy. Hot. Damn hot!

I guess everyone has fetishes of his own, lips are one of mine…

Shadow boxer

Disks cleanup

I’ve just made one. I got rid of hundreds of photos. I erased most of the photos that I haven’t converted (from RAW). I think there’s really no point in keeping the uninteresting and “out of the top 20 from a session” photos. Besides that, the less photos you have from a session, the better impression one gets, when he/she looks at the photos. At least I do.

I hope you’re not as bored as he is after reading this post:):

I know I haven’t posted any new session photos lately (huh, I had the last session on may 5th if I remember correctly). D200+85 1.4 are ready for action, all I need is a fresh model, to make it work;). So stay tuned;).