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Canon babe

Taken last spring. It incorporates the two best things in the world. A beautiful girl (with a nice “haircut”, don’t you agree?:)) and a Canon.

I had to censor it, since adsense (“provider” of google ads that are on my blog) doesn’t allow to post mature/pornographic content…

EDIT: It seems like some of you can’t see the image. Here’s the link:

Without a worry in the world

Sometimes I wish I was like him. Or even that I was him. Without a worry in the world. without the enormous stress I’m facing everyday lately…

A few more 85L snapshots

I don’t know why, but I like those photos in a strange way – as snapshots ofcourse. The first and main reason why I’m posting is, because I figured out you don’t respond well to solely textual posts. I can understand why, after all this is a photo blog. So let’s get down to it.

Yeah, that’s me muthafuckaz (foto: Nikolaj Lukež). ISO 800+ 2 stops in rawshooter. Yeah baby, it’s a Canon (check the post before this one, LOL):

Min dof+bokeh showoff

Sigma SD14 Hi-ISO sample

Take a look at the crop. I guess the first words out of your mouth are going to be: what the fuck is that?!?

I friend of mine took this snapshot (ISO 1600) while he was playing with the camera:

Enlarge it, it gets worse:

Sigma SD14

I just got it, so you can expect a few samples over the weekend. I’ll do some on tomorrow’s slo-foto workshop. And ofcourse I’ll bother my friends and take a few session shots, if I’ll have the time for it (yeah I work every day, even on Sunday).

I’m really looking forward to see whether foveon is just more or less a marketing trick or it really makes a difference. It’s really a shame that Sigma doesn’t make any fixed focal lenght portrait lenses (medium tele, 85 mm or so). I guess 18-50 2.8 macro will have to do.

First impressions: Nice big vewfinder, only 5 AF points crummed in the centre, dial with only relevant modes (P,A,S,M no P&S stupid modes eg night portrait etc), AF seems pretty fast in low light, AF assist lamp. I’ll write more about IQ during the weekend. That’s the most important thing anyway.

Visual interpretation of DOF

DOF as in depth of field. To me the most important aspect of the technical part of photography. Even more important than bokeh and sharpness. That’s why I love primes. And that’s why I’ll use primes ’till I die. Zooms are just necessary evil, I avoid using them whenever possible.

Visual interpretation of DOF taken with 350D and 85L II at f1.4 (enlarge it!):

A nice bokeh quote

Taken from dpreview forums, I couldn’t agree more:

Give me a world with no edges,
A happy space knowing nothing about outlines.
Grant me, please, the round joy
Of thoughtlessly floating on the blurred
Background of my photographs.

If someone doesn’t get the picture, here’s what I mean:

My 85 1.2L review published

Complete review is available here .

My 350D looks like new:)

It has been cleaned and polished (Maxi Brill rox!). Sensor is finally dust free, the dust “build up” was impressive. But who’d notice that, if he/she uses f1.8 almost exclusively. Lately even f1.2 (unfortunately these good days are over). Finally studio shots won’t be full of spots:). Ok I rarely shoot in the studio with my camera, but nevertheless it’s nice to know, that if I’ll shoot in the studio, I won’t have to clone the dust spots away.

Canon 1D mkIII hands on preview

Unfortunately a 5 minute preview. But enough to see the significant step forward, that Canon has made with this model. The size remains the same, while being a lot lighter. The specs don’t show the real picture regarding the camera weight. It feels like it’s half as light as its predecessor. They finally got rid of the clumsy controls, AF is even faster, now it’s insanely fast. And the sound of the shutter at 10 fps is orgasmic.

When production model (this was pre-production) will be available, I’ll do a complete test. I guess sometime in June…