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I went to Kiev yesterday, for a one day trip. Not really a trip, since I was working, I had to take photographs of the people who were invited (mostly managers and a politician). We took off at 7.15 (the first time). We had to return because we had some technical problems, came back to Brnik and re-depart at around 10h. Because of that we missed the press conference and cut our lunch short (although we had more than enough time). After that we took a 20 min strawl on Lavra, got on the bus and drove to the airport.

Here are a few captured moments, most of them are taken through the (broken) windshield, so don’t expect technical perfection (windows were dirty and as usual when shooting through the glass, I had problems with reflections and loss of sharpness – and I’d break the cheap kit lens if I had leaned it on the window, while the bus was driving).

One of the churches in Lavra

Fuck the traffic signs!:)

Ukranian Police patrol car. I must say ukranian officers do a great job directing the traffic (unlike Slovenian, which are mostly just interested in giving tickets for speeding etc, but do nothing to prevent traffic jams).

Car dealers even get their signs on traffic signs (it’s logical, that’s probably the only thing people give attention to).

The outcome of a “misunderstanding”. Don’t mess with Ukranian truckers. Respect the rule of the stronger.

Lada by Ferrari:). This one really sucks technically, but I had to show it to you.

Book for Andreja

A couple of weeks ago I and Dean Dubokovič shot a book for Andreja Jernejčič. She runs a show Sijaj on TV Pika. As you can see she’s not only beautiful, but also very photogenic and easy-going, so working with her was a joy (what I can’t say for some famous – mostly “famous” ofcourse – models, miss something etc, with which we had a lot of sessions this month).

I took all the shots in D&D studio with Nikon D2Xs. Hell, I’m getting yellow:)…

Article about polet exhibition and my photograph

My cover republished

I’ve pretty much told you everything about it in the previous post, so I’m just posting the scan.

Now I’m off to the exhibition…

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Erotica 4 exhibition: Polet covers

After 5 years of publishing fine art nude photos on the cover of polet, the editor/management of Delo, decided to change the theme of their covers. So gallery Photon and polet decided to organise an “Erotic photography saloon”. You’ve probably guessed by now, that I’m one of the authors of exhibited photographs (why else would I even bother with posting this news;).

You’re welcome on grand opening of the exhibition on 22.3.2007 at 20h.

In the studio with my favourite model (part 1?)

I had a studio session again, tried various types of lighting etc (testing, practising and learning). I couldn’t believe everything went according to plan. I thought I was gonna have lots of problems with “non-conventional” lighting.

Tisa was great as always, so I made a few interesting photos and quite a lot of test photos. Here are some of both:

Lick it!

Freakin’ out!

My latest ONA cover

Here it is. Unfortunately I have a 5c scanner, so this is as good as it gets.

It looks like this originally:

Eva again

I found another interesting photo from the first session. I didn’t come in the top five last time, but I’ve posted it in a web gallery and people like it…

Here it is:


I had to practise on studio photography (I’m a nOOb), because I’ll start doing studio photography on (almost) daily basis. So I invited Eva in the studio, so that I could try a few lighting combinations. While it’s pretty easy to get a standard soft lighting, it’s hard to get something not too ordinary, without messing up something…

1st session with Eva

We had a short session today and plan to have another in a studio next week. I must say, she was great, it’s usually harder to make a good photo on the first session.

That’s all folks.