Magazine covers

I had a couple of photos published on the Ona cover within last month that I forgot to post


I made this diptich to ask people on FB which one they preferred. I’m not gonna even bother doing this over here, since I’m getting zero feedback lately.

Pin up

Hair&MU: Tina Modlic
Asistant: Anja
Model&clothes: Eva

50s Coca Cola

Koga sakaš da se osvežiš, ti zemaj ovo najdobroto, sekoj znae, Coca Cola e toa!

Hair&MU: Tina Modlic
Asistant: Anja
Model&clothes: Eva


Preview of today’s shoot

We had a blast! I just wish sun didn’t shine through the clouds just briefly on a few rare occasions, I really missed it in this shot.

Hair&MU: Tina Modlic

Model: Eva



Fuck anorexia!

I only shoot with models that (can) eat burek. Photo taken during the break on this shoot

Ljubljana marathon

Just an interesting face that “ran into me” during my testing of Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS. I wouldn’t even bother shooting such an event otherwise (although it was pretty interesting at the end).

That’s how I roll!

Foto: Mitja Bezenšek

Welcome to the “barbershop”

The retard act, as usually


Haidresser working on a hairdresser

There goes his ear

He can look normal as well. If he tries really hard though 😉